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Career Success Tips from Venkdesh Balasubramanian
Career Success - Thoughts of Venkdesh Balasubramanian

I want to make progress and grow in my Career

If you want to grow in your Career, first of all, decide on what it is that you really want to do.

Once you are clear on what you really want to do - now, in the near future and a few years down the line, it would become a lot easier for you to understand what steps you need to take to make progress in your Career.

Change your thoughts and you can change your life

Decide on your LIFE Goals first, then plan and figure out your Career goals. Change your thoughts and you can change your life, you can grow in your Career, you can live a peaceful, successful, happier life. Embrace change, be willing to adapt yourself, be willing to change for the better and you can succeed.

Only when you are able to align your personal aims and aimbitions with your professional goals and objectives, it would be possible and it would be easy to make progress and grow in your Career.

Many people have succeeded in their career and in their lives because of one important reason - CLARITY.

They were very clear on what they wanted to do and they made it happen. They worked hard, they worked smart, and they put in all the necessary efforts to make things happen, to gather the required support, to pull in necessary resources. And, above all, they also had the patience to wait - at times, its worth the wait, it pays to wait.

So you will have to remember this, its the bottomline of success, to make progress in your career:


So think, think again, refresh your thoughts, refer and share your ideas with your well-wishers, mentors, coach, your friends. Just try to get some feedback and understand what they think about your thoughts. Sometimes, your good people around you may be in a better position to suggest the best course of action.

But finally, its your life, its your career - and you need to decide on what to do. Here are five easy quick steps you can take:

1. THINK, PLAN AND DECIDE - Think on Paper, write it down!

2. DECIDE - On the present situation, the near future and few years down the line.

3. GROWTH PATH - Chart out the growth path and figure out how to make it is possible in your organization.

4. TAKE ACTION - Start with what you have, where you are, don't wait for things to happen

5. CHECK - Every now and then, probably every month have a check on your progress and see if you are progressing in the right direction. Make necessary corrections if need be and keep going. Stop not till you have achieved your goal.

Quote - Charles Darwin

Another most important factor is the dynamic environment today, the technological advances made every day and the advent of social networking and collaborative scenario possible with the Internet - so the point is you will soon be left behind if you do not make yourself adaptive. You have to be responsive to change, you should keep yourself updated, you should put in all necessary efforts to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting your targets, key result areas and expectations.

You have to put in the effort to learn continuously, to keep yourself updated on the latest market situation, industry trends and how advanced technology is changing your area of specialization, field or discipline.

If you are willing to put in such effort, if you are willing to learn and if you are willing to translate that learning into tangible business benefits, then it becomes a lot more easier to make progress and grow in your Career.

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There is not a future in any job. The future lies in the man who holds the job.

- George Crane
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