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Career Success Tips from Venkdesh Balasubramanian
Career Success - Thoughts of Venkdesh Balasubramanian

I want to grow and succeed in my business

Whether you want to start or run or manage or change a business for the better, begin with the end in mind.

Start off with you what you really want to do and figure out what is the final outcome - for example what you want your company to do a few years down the line. Clearly visualize and imagine what could be the future. Try to put everything in writing - think on paper.

If you are able to write down in a few lines, with simple words as to how your organization can change the lives of your consumers for the better, if you are able to see some kind of a contribution to the concerned community which will bring in substantial benefits then yes, it is easy to change, it is easy to grow.

Its not what the vision is, its what the vision does

Once you are clear on the same, it is easy to be clear and specific on your vision. But on the other side, you should also know that just having a vision and a mission statement is not enough. Its not what the vision is, what really matters is what the vision does. Yes, you got to be clear and sure on how your contribution will bring in substantial improvement and benefits to your real end users.

Having done that, try to compare yourself with your peers, competitors and how well you can cope up with them. Collect data regarding industry trends and market dynamics.

Above all, you also need to understand that, such data and vision alone cannot do anything by themselves. Your involvement and commitment is the main thing that will set you apart - you need to be passionate about what you do. Only then you can motiviate your sales team, your employees, your strategic partners, vendors, and suppliers. This passion, this energy is really something that can drive your business. It can turn your organization into a trend setter, a market leader.

And, just having a good idea alone cannot get you started. In fact, the myth and the reality is that some of the world's biggest companies did not start off with a great idea or a great technological discovery. They all started with very simple idea to be able to help somebody, some segement of the industry. They were clear on that, they just did it. They made it happen!

Dont let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to being where he was - Richard L Evans

So don't just wait for some big breakthrough or some big idea. Start off with what you have, where you are and what you can do. Focus on your products, services, delivery and your customers. Motivate and support your business associates. Encourge them and help them to see where you are going in the future, and how can help them to come up in life. If they feel good about it, they will do a good job. If you identify their strengths and appreciate them, they will feel good about themselves. Once they feel good about themself, they will do a good job. And as a result, with all this passion and synergy, you can grow your business, and then the society will recognize you and your company.

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There is not a future in any job. The future lies in the man who holds the job.

- George Crane
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